Prof E. Terblanche

Email: et2@sun.ac.za
Position: Exercise physiologist
BSc Sport Science (Stellenbosch)
Hons B in Sport Science (Stellenbosch)
BSc Hons (Epidemiology and Statistics) (Stellenbosch)
MSc (Medical Physiology) (Stellenbosch)
PhD (Medical Physiology) (Stellenbosch)
Research interests: Strategies to enhance sport performance; Post-exercise recovery; Supplements and doping in sport
Non-academic interests: Travelling and 4×4 overland trips


Louise Engelbrecht

Email: louisee@sun.ac.za
Position: Sport physiology Lab Manager
M Sport Science
BSc Sport Science (US);
Hons B Sport Science (High Perfomance) (US)
Research interest: Sport specific training; physiological strain an performance predictors in cycling; FATMAX
Non-academic interest: triathlon, cycling, sport massage, baking and travelling.


Lara Grobler

Email: lgrobler@sun.ac.za
Position:  Post Doc fellow
BSc Sport Science (US)
Hons B Sport Science (High Performance) (US)
M Sport Science
PhD sport science
Research interests: Applied physiology and biomechanics, Sport for the physically disabled
Non-academic interests: Triathlon, photography


Matthew Shone

Position: MSc Student

BSc Hons Sport Science (Performance Sports)

Research interests: Exercise training and cognitive function, recovery strategies

Non-academic interests: Current affairs, Active and healthy living


Carla Coetsee

Position: Postdoctoral research fellow at the Sport Science Department of Stellenbosch University.

PhD in Sport Science (Exercise Physiology); Biokineticist

Research interest:  Exercise Physiology, Influence of exercise on cognition and brain function; Rehabilitation of chronic diseases.

Non-academic interest: Running, hiking, exploring local markets.


Anika Pretorius

Position: MSc Student

BSc Hons Sport Science (Performance Sports)

Research interests: Physiological adaptations to training and nutrient periodization.Sprints and high intensity energy systems and neural control

Non-academic interests: Paralympic athlete, Sprints and high jump coaching (long term talent development from young kids to elite), Outdoor activities (ski, camping, horse riding), Love spending quality time with friends and family