Saddle assistance with Specialized

Finding the right saddle can sometimes be a confusing process. Thanks to Specialized we can now assist you in finding the correct fit.

The first step is to select the appropriate saddle design depending on what type of cycling you do. Mountain bikers, recreational cyclist, roadies and triathletes all cycle in different positions and distribute their weight differently on the saddle. You will need a comfort, flat or curved saddle depending if you ride more attacking or assume an up-right position. The ideal is to have your weight predominantly distributed on your ischial tuberosities (“sit bones”).

The second step will then be to select the correct saddle width. Specialized devised a simple device to measure sit bone width (BG system) to make the process a bit easier. They provided us with the device and a variety of BG saddles. A properly sized saddle will increase your comfort and power on the bike. Get your saddle size fitted during a cycle assessment for no additional cost.